This is the online home of a local fellowship of friends who share common beliefs. This forum is an extension of our friendship and a continuation of our personal, face-to-face relationships.

Here are some of the beliefs we share in common:
  • Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer, and is the only means whereby any can be saved in the kingdom of God.
  • Joseph Smith was called of God and was faithful to his calling.
  • The Book of Mormon, as well as the Restoration Edition of the scriptures, are God's word and are true.
  • The restoration of the gospel, started through Joseph Smith, failed to reach completion, and languished for four generations.
  • The Lord has started his work again through Denver Snuffer, and intends to bring it to completion.
  • The completion of the Lord's work will include temples in Jerusalem and New Jerusalem, and the establishment of Zion communities, prepared to meet the Lord and those who descend with Him.
  • The Lord has offered His covenant in our day through Denver Snuffer. Those who accept and keep that covenant become the Lord's people.
All are welcome to explore and discuss these beliefs with us. If you've come here with a different agenda, or if you fundamentally disagree with our foundational beliefs, this may not be the place for you. We remind all to be kind, respectful, and patient with each other as we learn and grow together.

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